ballet & booze
I enjoy tendus and tequila. I'm a big fan of the musical theatre as well. the only man I need is Captain Morgan.


no homo for me, thanks. i couldn’t eat another bite



Went out and bought a can of pineapple juice cuz Waka said it’d make my cum taste better

too bad your sock doesn’t have taste buds



if you hate me….. have you considered…. that I am beautiful? think it over


i was trying to open a pickle jar and it fell and shattered on the floor and there was pickles and glass and juice everywhere and i slow turned to my cat and whispered “well we sure do find ourselves in a pickle here” then stood there laughing alone in a dark house illuminated by the fridge light while surrounded by my disaster 


zac efron shouldn’t be allowed to wear a shirt


fun fact: don’t do that

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